VLISCO - BENIN Fashion Show

VLISCO's mission is to provide high-end fashion brand for women. However, the increasing imitation of VLISCO designs offering low-end printed fabrics prompted a strategy change in 2006 which was implemented in mid-2007.  Some aspects of the strategy change include more emphasis on design, the introduction of VLISCO boutiques, quarterly collections with pre-determined themes, image campaigns, and consumer brand innovation. Presently, there are three boutiques in: Cotonou (Benin), Lome (Togo) and Abijdan (Cote D'Ivoire).
 "  Vlisco Et Moi: Une Poésie A Révéler"
Cotonou, Benin

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~ Carson W said...

This show looks phenominal! Who designed the set? Was this just a Vlisco show or does Benin feature its own Fashion Week?

~ Carson W